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"If you are looking for someone to help you with a new wardrobe, current wardrobe overhaul, special event, or literally anything involving clothing - LISA IS YOUR WOMAN!!!"

"Lisa is professional and so easy to work with. I just got married and at the beginning of the planning process I was more than a little overwhelmed with finding dresses for my bridesmaids and important women in my life (mother of the bride and both my grandmothers). She found my grandmothers a matching dress and all three of them looked absolutely stunning at my wedding! Lisa went with me and my bridesmaids to the bridal shop to find dresses and helped us all to find dresses that not only looked good on my girls, but also matched my vision and fit together!"

Elizabeth Alis Kimple

Magazine Articles

Fashion-related articles by Lisa published in COMPASS & CLOCK MAGAZINE:

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